What Are Photons?

Photons are capable of extracting energy from light. When photons bump
into other atoms, some of their energy moves the electrons in those atoms
to move faster... that’s what we call heat. That’s why you get hot sitting
in the sun.

Was 7 M Year Old Fossil Bipedal
Research is still ongoing in the case of Sahelanthropos tchadensis, a questionable fossil ancestor related to hominids and chimpanzees
found in Chad, dated 7 mya. The foramen magnum, placed forward
in the braincase may indicate he was bipedal. Hominids and
Chimpanzees branched out 5 mya.

Was the Nazi General Armenian?
On September 9, 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland. The. Germans invaded with 1.5 troops against the. Polish. German soldiers dressed in Polish uniforms easily took over a border post. German General Helntz Guderian
attacked with 2400 tanks (panzers), with a blitzkrieg (surround and crush). Hitler attacked Russia in 1942 on 3 fronts, Ukraine, Moscow and Caucasus. The Wikipedia article acknowledges the Armenian origin of his patrilinear
ancestry of Heintz Guderian. After the invasion of the area we know as Russia, by the Rus (Vikings) during the ninth Century, Armenians and Greeks largely replaced the roles of East-West Polish-Lithuanian trade previously
held by Vikings, and from such Armenian traders in Poland, the Guderian name became established in Polish and German society.

3,500-Year-Old Greek Tomb Upended What We Thought We Knew
About the Roots of Western Civilization
What brings about the collapse of the Minoans, and at the same
time what causes the emergence of the Mycenaean palace civilization?”
The distinctions between the two societies are clear enough, quite apart from the fundamental difference in their languages. The Mycenaeans organized their towns with free-standing houses rather than the conglomerated shared buildings seen on Crete. But the relationship between the peoples has long been a contentious subject. In 1900, just 24 years after Schliemann announced he’d found Homer’s heroes at Mycenae, the British archaeologist Arthur Evans discovered the Minoan civilization (named for Crete’s mythic King Minos) when he unearthed Knossos. Evans and subsequent scholars argued that the Minoans, and not the Mycenaean mainlanders, were
the “first” Greeks—“the first link in the European chain,” according to the historian Will Durant. Schliemann’s graves belonged to wealthy rulers of Minoan colonies established on the mainland. In 1950, however, scholars finally deciphered Linear B tablets from Knossos and Pylos and showed
the writing to be the earliest known form of Greek. Opinion
now swung the other way: The Mycenaeans were reinstated as the first Greeks, and Minoan objects found in mainland graves were
status symbols stolen or imported from Crete. E “It’s like the Romans copying Greek statues and carting them off from Greece to put in their villas,” says Shelmerdine. And this has been the scholarly consensus ever since: The Mycenaeans, now thought to have sacked Knossos at around the time they built their mainland palaces and established their language and administrative system on Crete, were the true ancestors of Europe. Smithsonian, January, 2017

Medical Breakthrough Provides Pig Kidneys For Humans
Scientists have succeeded in removing those proteins from pig cells that are most responsible for organ rejection. Dr. Joseph Tector, university of Alabama is planning to put the first pig kidney into a human by the end of 2017. In time, this process will include liver transplants. Over 100,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for a kidney transplant. Louis M. Profits MD., St. Vincent’s Physicians Inc.



At A Glance

❶ The Board of Trustees of the Anthropology/
Armenian Museum welcomes Lucine Tegnazian as a new member of the board.
❷ The Onassis foundation has informed the Museum that our “Ladies From Your Past” exhibit featuring over 200 famous women, who have made important contributions throughout history, will be placed on their schedule and displayed.
❸ Armenians prefer Armenians...true...Since
Hayk (2492 BCE) genetic studies indicate that
Armenian DNA has little or no admixture for the
past 4000 years according to Science Magazine’s
Genetic Atlas of Human Admixture.
❹ The Anthropology/Armenian Museum is making arrangements to visit Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay, L.I. In the Spring of 2018. Date and information TBA.
❺ Also in the works is a long weekend (4-5 days)
trip to Cuba in the Fall of 2017.
❻ Dr. Margaret Mead about our Museum.
“This is a very worthwhile project- a museum where the many varied peoples of New York can learn about themselves, their past, their present-and address themselves to their future. Mrs. Kyrkostas has been making forward looking plans, which take advantage of the interest of the local civic leaders and of local facilities. I strongly recommend support.”
7. Hemshin a community of Armenians who
became Muslims. During the 7th Century, Arab
invasions of Armenia, and eventual second class
treatment many converted, but kept their traditional Armenian culture. Today, around 250,000 live in Turkey, Russia and Georgia.
❽ Let us all remember the Four Freedoms by Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Speech, Religion, Want and Fear.
❾ The legend of the Vasilopita celebrates St
Basil’s (William) birthday, who saved a towns
dilemma when valuables were found after they
stolen from the people of Caesaria. Not knowing
what belonged to who, he suggested to the women to bake the pita bread with all the jewels inside. When he cut the pita, miraculously each owner received the right valuable. Today, one
coin is placed and the person receiving it has
good luck all year.