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Happenings At A Glance

❶ The Board of Trustees of the Anthropology/
Armenian Museum welcomes Lucine Tegnazian as a new member of the board.
❷ The Onassis foundation has informed the Museum that our “Ladies From Your Past” exhibit featuring over 200 famous women, who
have made important contributions throughout
history, will be placed on their schedule and displayed.
❸ Armenians prefer Armenians...true...Since
Hayk (2492 BCE) genetic studies indicate that
Armenian DNA has little or no admixture for the
past 4000 years according to Science Magazine’s
Genetic Atlas of Human Admixture.
❹ The Anthropology/Armenian Museum is making arrangements to visit Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay, L.I. In the Spring of 2018. Date and information TBA.
❺ Also in the works is a long weekend (4-5 days)
trip to Cuba in the Fall of 2017.
❻ Dr. Margaret Mead about our Museum.
“This is a very worthwhile project- a museum
where the many varied peoples of New York can
learn about themselves, their past, their present-
and address themselves to their future. Mrs. Kyrkostas has been making forward looking plans, which take advantage of the interest of the local civic leaders and of local facilities. I strongly recommend support.”
7. Hemshin a community of Armenians who
became Muslims. During the 7th Century, Arab
invasions of Armenia, and eventual second class
treatment many converted, but kept their traditional Armenian culture. Today, around 250,000 live in Turkey, Russia and Georgia.
❽ Let us all remember the Four Freedoms by Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Speech, Religion, Want and Fear.
❾ The legend of the Vasilopita celebrates St
Basil’s (William) birthday, who saved a towns
dilemma when valuables were found after they
stolen from the people of Caesaria. Not knowing
what belonged to who, he suggested to the women to bake the pita bread with all the jewels inside. When he cut the pita, miraculously each owner received the right valuable. Today, one
coin is placed and the person receiving it has
good luck all year.